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We arrived in Washington today. It isn't much different from Oregon, though I guess it's a little grayer. There isn't much to see this far south. We did pass through Newgarden (that's what Elden called it, anyway - it's not on any of the maps so I'm not actually certain what they called it before), which was beautiful and strange. Elden didn't want to stay, though. He's anxious to get up to Olympia where there is "security," whatever that means. I don't really think there is such a thing as security out here, though if anyone is prepared for this place, it's us. After all, that's why they sent us.

He only decided to stop here because it's a cabin, so it must be 'safe'. I'd like to remind him that it is an abandoned cabin in the middle of an unfamiliar area, but I'd rather not get into it with him. It's nice, anyway. Whoever built it can't be too long gone or it would be overgrown. Still, I doubt they are coming back.

We saw someone in the woods today, a girl. She looked quite wild, hair matted and locked, clothes (if you can call them that) made of hide and fur. In all our weeks of traveling, we have never encountered anyone quite like her. I think she is what Elden pictured the Survivors to be like before we set out. He seems to have this fear that everyone on the outside is savage and uncivilized. They are simpler, certainly, but I don't think they mean us any harm. Even still, he won't get close to any settlements and he forbade me from approaching the girl. It's a shame. We are living records of our history, and we could learn so much from her.


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I ought to start writing all of that stuff down. We have been alive since before the beacons were even erected, we saw it all happen. I'm actually very excited to be so close to where so much of our history was decided. Maybe there will be more to gain from this expedition than we thought. I hope so.

Well, time to sleep. Elden insists that we push on as far as possible tomorrow. He wants to be out of here as soon as possible, and he makes no attempt to hide it. It makes me wonder why he agreed to come at all.