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In the end, I think the Ascentionists were right. I mean, about Sennin being the future of humanity. Everything else about them was awful, but on that point I think they were right. I guess that's why most of them live in Valhalla now. They would choose a pretentious name like that for their perfect little town. But they are right. There are all of eleven cities left in the world, and that's if you count New Paris and Ithaspa, which is rather generous.

Most of those cities have a mandated fixed population, and the ones that don't will be deep in waters soon enough. The non-Beacon settlements are faring alright, but they are few and far between. Meanwhile, Valhalla, and the few other Sennin settlements, are thriving. Well, that's what I hear.

I've never been there, but I've heard stories of the alien beauty of the place. Evidently the Sennin who established the settlement wanted to eschew as much of human history as possible, including the architecture. That's one of many reasons I didn't go.

The most important one is that I don't think I could breathe will all the ego weighing down the air. It's one thing to be the future of humanity. It's another to know you are.

I'm sorry I don't have much news today. Elden is still looking for a faster way to Port Angeles, but he hasn't made any significant progress. I tried to help, but he was uninterested, so I spent the day making records. Honestly, I was mostly just sketching the wildlife.


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I did see the wild girl again today. It had been quite a while since the last sighting, and she appeared a bit worse for wear. She had scratches on her face and torso, and one of her eyes was quite swollen. She ran off as soon as she spotted us.

I wonder what she's doing this far north...