Triya 16
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You should know that I do often wonder where you are and how you are faring. I hope you are well.

Anyway, I lost Elden the morning after we arrived in Port Angeles. He woke up before me and decided to have a look around Port Angeles to see if he could find any leads on the Reach scientists, but he didn't think to leave a note. I awoke and he was gone, with no explanation as to his whereabouts or when (if?) he would be back.

So I packed up the camp and went to look for him. Which turned out to be a rather unfortunate idea. Do you know, without a reliable form of communication, searching through an entire, totally unfamiliar city for one other person is... well, a statistical nightmare. I looked for him all day, calling out his name, trying to find where the Reach scientists might have gone... I wasn't successful. Elden has always had a way of disappearing when he wants to. One of his many annoying talents.

It was during my rather thorough search of the rubble of every building I came across, just in case he had had some kind of accident and was trapped somewhere, that I finally found some usable paper. Unfortunately, it was the only thing I found. It was inside of an old rusted lockbox I found in the ruins of what must have been a small office building. I crushed the decrepit lock with a piece of rebar and inside was a sturdy, intact journal with the first few pages ripped out. Which is what I'm writing this very letter on. So that's the story of how I found the paper, but not of how I found Elden.


Page Two.

As night began to fall I decided my best bet was to head back to what had been our campsite and wait for him. He was waiting for me when I arrived, and the look on his face legitimately terrified me. He was crying.

When he saw me, he rushed at me and I thought he might hurt me, but he just wrapped his arms around me and held me so tight I couldn't breathe properly. He only released me when I made a weak, squeaky protest. He said he'd searched for me all day when he found me missing upon his return.

It might have been the strangest thing that's happened the whole time we've been out here.

So that's the end of the story. It's been a difficult week, but I think we're finally back on track. Now we just need to pick up the trail of those scientists.