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Maybe it's because I've been thinking of it as a place of fiction and fantasy for so long, but I never imagined how much history I would find here. The buildings have such stories to tell, some even literally. I don't know when Daichi Mori's followers took to inscribing his deeds on the wall of his great temple, but many of the stories are intact. I can't write them down fast enough. I just wish I knew more of his runic language so I wouldn't have to wait until I get home to understand it all.

Elden isn't nearly as excited as I am, but then he never is. We haven't had much luck in finding the Reach scientists, but it seems like maybe Elden had made peace with that. I haven't seen him so cal and collected since before we set out. Maybe he's just eager to go home. I know I am. As exciting as all of this has been... I'm ready to sleep in my bed again. I've had enough adventure for a good long time.

It's a bit disappointing that this whole excursion was all for naught. Well, it wasn't totally without gain. We have experienced so much of this place's history and seen so may things we would never have seen back home. But it won't feel good to go home empty-handed.


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We're going to stay for one more day. There are still a few places Elden wants to check out before we leave. It feels a bit like giving up, but unless we were to search every nook and cranny of every city we've been to... and we don't even know if they finished it.

Elden smoked some fish for breakfast this morning. I wrapped some up and left it for you in a can by the city gate. Sort of a final goodbye. I hope it's still good when you find it.

Good luck out there, nomad.