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Alright, I'm leaving you one last letter before we leave because I need to let you know that we found

something. It's not exactly what we were expecting, and it's going to need a lot of testing and reverse-engineering before we will even really know what it is or if it's viable, but... it's hope. It's hope that we desperately need.

It's a good thing we stayed the extra day and checked out those last few places. It's so strange, though. What we found isn't the work of the Reach research team, it's the work of one of the scientists who left the team early on, Dr. Lisa Otala. She was a biochemist mentioned in some of the research notes Elden found in Bellevue, but he wasn't part of the team that was rumored to have created the cure.

This is... totally different from what they were working on, and I'm not sure how well the people back home will take it but... it says it's a real cure for Beacon addiction. Somehow, Dr. Otala thinks she isolated the biochemical effect it has on the human body and... well, honestly I'm not sure how it works. I'n no biochemist.

I just hoe it works. And I hope people think about taking it. I know a lot of them won't, they won't give up their immortality, but if some ofthem do then maybe they'll have a chance at getting the world back to something resembling normal. Or maybe they'll find a new normal. I just don't want this world to be normal forever.

Thank you, nomad. It's been a pleasure.