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Well, we made it to Olympia, though it took a bit longer than expected. Elden's map-reading skills could use improvement but he will hear none of it. He is in charge, after all.

It is actually pretty terrible here. I had never seen a beacon city ruin before today. I wonder if they are all like this one... skeletons of buildings full of skeletons of people (or what's left of them), clutching each other, reaching out for each other. They died like that, writhing on the ground, desperate even for a shred of hope. An exercise in futility, for not a single person survived beacon addiction. I saw it myself, though I'd rather not go into it here. It's bad enough without having to remember.

It makes me wonder if I will ever die. I've wondered that for a while, but I've hardly aged a day in 300 years. I guess I may never know for sure.

I wonder if Elden ever thinks about stuff like that. He used to, I'm sure of that. Before The Fall. He was so lively back then, so much more... full. I'm not really sure of what. Maybe just full of shit, but it was nice to see him smile once in a while. When did we get so old?


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Right, Olympia. It's far uglier than I'd imagined. Piles of debris litter the ground, and overgrown greenery clings to the stone and metal. It must be what's left of the shanties that surrounded Olympia back when the city was in its prime. Around most cities the shanties were as thick as a forest and nearly as big - you couldn't ever see the Wall from the outer edge. It had to be terrible. The smell alone would... I can remember walking through the shanties back in Denver and that was bad enough. It just baffles me that people wanted immortality that badly. If they knew what true immortality was like... They would still want it. I'm sure they would still want it.