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The wild girl is following us. She's been following us for some time, taken, apparently, by our seeming power over nature. Elden has been on-edge since it started. I don't know why, there isn't much out here that can really hurt us. We are northeast of Olympia proper, though the shanties have hardly thinned even this far from the beacon. I can't imagine there was any noticeable effect this far out, but evidently people did not care. There was no beacon in Tacoma, but the people flocked here just as readily as they did to Denver back when the beacons were being put in. I was only a child then, but I remember it. It's not something you forget so easily.

The streets were fuller every day, full with people searching for a new home, a new hope for a future free from disease and death and pain. This was in the early 2040s when the cities were already expanding even further to accommodate growing population. I was maybe ten years old. Elden was in his twenties and starting work, though I can't for the life of me remember what he did back then. He never did anything for long, not in the early days.

Life was hard enough back then. I had only been out of foster care for five years give or take, and things were just starting to become at that point I still didn't really know that I was different. People were pouring into the city but there wasn't enough housing or food or jobs for everyone. Crime rates, poverty rates, all the bad things they liked to talk about in the news were going up all across the country, even as some people were leaving the cities to find a quieter existence in the countryside Their descendants ought to thank them.


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Finally, they put the wall up. Denver wasn't the first to do it and they certainly wouldn't be the last. The outrage at first was inconceivable, people crying out at the unfairness of being cut off from the technology that would make death and fear things of the past. There were riots. But then, from the beginning of the Beacon Project all the way to the end of The Fall the riots never really stopped.

Still, we persisted. We made it through some of the darkest times in our history and now here we are. The saving grace of the human race seems to be our ability to survive and adapt, to help each other through at the cost of the past. We leave it behind and push ever forward. I think that's amazing.