Triya 5
Series Name Triya
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I know you're there.

We saw you back there in the forest. Don't worry, we don't want to hurt you. Elden doesn't want anything to do with you, of course. He thinks you're dangerous which is frankly ridiculous because you couldn't hurt us if you wanted to. I'd actually like to help you if I can. You're alone, a wanderer like us, though I doubt we share the same goal.

Elden forbade it, but despite what he thinks he isn't actually in control of me. So I'm going to help you anyway. He'll be furious if he finds out, so I'm going to have to be secretive about it. I'll do what I can, though.

I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Triya Fontaine. Elden is my older brother. We've been sent here from our city to try to find something, something that will help the people back where we are from. We think it's in New Bellevue. They sent us because we are Sennin, so we can live without the beacon's influence.

I'm sorry about my brother, by the way. The years have made him overly cautious, but also a bit reckless. He's a paradox, that one. Do you know, he doesn't even call me by my name? He just calls me "the little one" like he doesn't even remember. Hundreds of years of being my brother, you would think he would remember my name.

But he needs me. And I need him, I won't deny that. We've been together too long to even really be apart, you know like when people won't give their cats away to separate homes? It's just better this way.

I wanted to help the wild girl, too, but I can tell she doesn't need it as much as you. My brother looks down on her for eating berries and killing animals for their hide, but it seems to be working fairly well. You, on the other hand...


Page Two.

I should go before Elden tries to look at what I'm writing. He's been oddly suspicious lately. I think the trip is getting to him. I'll write again soon.