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The days are getting longer with each that passes and if feels like we will never reach our destination. Do you ever have that feeling? I don't know if you even have a destination. If you do, I hope you get there soon. It's still exciting, though. We're right near the ruins of what used to be Seattle. There is so much history here, so much triumph and in many ways, so much loss.

Some people think this place is cursed. I don't believe that, but I can see why they think it.

It's hard to believe people used to live here with the way it looks now. An immense pit of mud and plantlife, water pooling at the bottom. The mining equipment is still there, rusting, slowly being consumed by the sinking earth. The houses, streets, buildings, highways, cars, airplanes all being retaken by nature. This place has a hundred years on the other ruins and it shows. The old expression 'concrete jungle' really applies here.

It has a haunting beauty. It would be lovelier without the skeletons, but I suppose they add their own effect.


Page Two.

I found a poem with no name on it.

A faded sign with a million eyes
watches me pulling the rope attached to the neck
of the little dog my favorite aunt left behind when she died.
The muggy air catches in my throat,
a walking fog that releases me from opacity.
I gaze up at the rusting skeletons of all the buildings in the world,
the rusted I-beams dripping with the sweat of the past
and the empty hope for the future.
This is my legacy and my omission;
that this world could be whole again,
and so I could be whole within it.
But the trees are long-dead now,
their carcasses strewn on brown lawns and in brown forests.
Mnemosyne cries for us, and by her tears we die,
adding our skeletons to the forgotten trash of the earth.

The eyes are watching me with vapid disregard,
a glowing frustration with my faults.
I draw closer, let the rope drop from my hand,
reach out to touch the grasping surface and see a mirror.

I can't tell if it's any good, but it seems to fit in with this place.