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I haven't seen you in a while. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. Elden is no longer the company he used to be and it's nice to have someone new to talk to, even if you don't talk back. My brother isn't really interested in what we have to offer the world, anymore. I'm not sure what he's interested in, since he doesn't seem to want anything back from it, either. I like having someone to tell my stories to. I must sound so old. Still, my stories are practically all I have left.

You are young, and have few stories. You probably don't realize how young you are. It's strange to think that I still look like a child. I should be dust by now, but instead I'm a little girl. Even more of a mystery than the other Sennin, too. Did you know that? We usually stop aging in our twenties, but I stopped when I was fourteen. I have some theories about that. Maybe I'll tell you sometime.

Anyway we stayed in Seattle for a long time. Longer than we needed to, especially since we're so close to our destination. It's pretty out of character for Elden to waste time like this. I thought he hated it out here.

We still see the wild girl from time to time, though she doesn't seem to revere us like she used to. Did I mention that? When she first saw us, she followed us cautiously, fascinated by our effect on the world. I think she only saw the initial effects - the growth, and the way the animals gather around us. I have to admit, I was astonished by it at first, too. Then, she saw what happened when we left.


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We seem less like gods and more like demons when everything we touch dies behind us. I think we're a curiosity now, though it's hard to tell. She defies understanding.

We're almost to Bellevue. Have you ever been there? I must say, I am rather nervous to be so close to our destination. I'm not quite finished out here, but I know Elden will want to get back to the city as fast as possible. I should get back, Elden is probably wondering where I am.