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Today was exhausting, emotionally and physically. Elden managed to get us inside the city, alright. It wasn't nearly as difficult as he thought it would be. There was a pile of cars up against the wall, perhaps where an accident had happened during the evacuation, and climbing over was hardly a challenge. There may have been easier places to enter in other parts of the wall, but Elden didn't want to bother looking.

The inside of the city was... difficult to experience. IT was a ghost town, like everywhere else we've visited, but there were so many skeletons visible underfoot that I could hardly take a step without finding bones underneath. The crunch of dried skeleton beneath my shoes made my stomach roil, and I had to concentrate to keep from retching. I don't rattle easily, but this was... this was simply terrible.

I know I can give Elden a hard time, but sometimes I truly do envy his detachment. It makes him strong in a way I can't even fathom. He kept his face blank the entire time, making his way steadily toward the red mark on the map, hardly even looking down.


Page Two.

Our destination was the Reach Enclave within the city. I can tell you that now because we did not find what we were looking for there. Not that it really matters, anyway. We were sent here on a mission from our city to find something created by Reach during the Fall. There were rumors after the disaster, rumors of some kind of cure for Beacon addiction. Well, cure may not be the right word.

Actually, I'm not sure I'm up to writing this right now. I'll explain more later.