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Report of Information Gathered

Country: USAReport # D4-79974-401

Subject: Tyler Lang# of Pages: 4

Date of Info: 1.19.2027- Clearance Level: Confidential 1.4(c)

Place Acquired: Residence of Tyler Lang and Family

Port Angeles, WA

The below material is transcribed as is, with no attempt to alter the subject's words, and no attempt to interpret his actions or anything contained herein.

This is Tyler --- and today is January 19th, 2027. Me and a buddy are heading out from Port Angeles now on a road trip, headed south for Seattle. I've never been so we might spend a few days couchsurfing. There are a few wispy white clouds overhead and even though it isn't too late in the day it is dark. The trees feel a little threatening and it seems as good a time as any for someone to write some new Lovecraftian horror. This would be the place.


We spent the whole day wandering around the University district checking out the shops. Liam wants to take me on the underground tour tomorrow, thinks I'll get a kick out of it. I've only been here a few days but, already, I want to move here. Mabe it's time I go to college, dad's got a free ride for me if I want it. I'll look into applying when we get home.


We went underground and Liam was right, it was pretty awesome. To think that they just built one city on top of the other, I wonder how many secret passages there are around this thing. We also ate at Westlake Center today and from the balcony we saw protesters in the street below. They were waving signs and chanting about how some new tech went against "true humanity", whatever that means. One of them lobbed a brick through a window and the rest of them stepped aside while the cops wrangled him into handcuffs. I talked to Liam about school and he said to do it, said he had fun when we went.