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Report of Information Gathered

Country: USAReport # D4-79974-401

Subject: Tyler Lang# of Pages: 4

Date of Info: 1.19.2027- Clearance Level: Confidential 1.4(c)

Place Acquired: Residence of Tyler Lang and Family

Port Angeles, WA

This is Tyler --- and today is September 18th, 2027. I'm sitting here in a dorm on campus, school in a few days and my heart is still racing. I never really planned to leave home and now this. Fuck, I wonder what my dad will say when he hears that his son went to college. I hope he comes to visit. (sigh) I've just got to remember not to overreact, keep steady.


School went well, some cool kids around here. I'm starting to love it, the ability to just go to the library or wherever, get some food and talk to people about anything that's interesting to me. Already found one person into horror stories, ghost stories and the like. Another kid in my Stats class was all about the government and how they want to make us into cyborgs. Crazy [LAUGHTER].

Today is March 10th, 2029 and I finally got into some interesting classes. Something about the old world has always inspired me, human history has left so much behind for us. Sitting in any Anth classes made me feel like an explorer, maybe one of the last true ones. I feel like this body is descending, and the old places I knew -- home, my family -- are receding. For once, it won't matter if dad misses my birthday or forgets to call. The future is impossible, and the more I hear about these protests and all the unrest in the world, the more I want to slip away. The past is the only remaining fortress of objective thought and nostalgia. Everything here forward is unfocused and useless.