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Report of Information Gathered

Country: USAReport # D4-79974-401

Subject: Tyler Lang# of Pages: 4

Date of Info: 1.19.2027- Clearance Level: Confidential 1.4(c)

Place Acquired: Residence of Tyler Lang and Family

Port Angeles, WA

It is October 25th, 2030 and this is still your favorite Tyler. Sitting here in Anth I don't see classmates, nor do I feel a connection to them. I am an outsider, and it feels more and more like I am here to study them, dissect their motivations and merely view where everything is headed. Every time a protest sparks up I go and write notes about what they really mean.

January 10th, 2031, and there were more protests in the city. I realized though that they can't be making a difference. There are so few people that stop and listen to them and they only ever protest here. Why not whichever company that wronged them, why not the government? And besides, companies will always seek a profit. I doubt they'd ever care about how much damage they do. There aren't even cameras here, not a single reporter or journalist. No, these protesters are really just showing each other that they know right from wrong, they are just patting each other on the back. Nobody else is listening.

Tyler here and it is July 3rd. I've just been hanging around the city. Decided to turn down an offer to go dig stones in Greece or Africa. I even said no to Liam who has something going on back home. Now that I'm out of school maybe I'll really see what there is to do here, I've got a friend at Comish who said she knows some secrets about the city.