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By Lorenzia Henner - Staff Reporter

In the wake of the Seattle Mega-Thrust Earthquake, the University of Washington will be relocating its main campus to Bellevue, WA. The October 19th earthquake left the Seattle campus in ruins, says Vice Provost for Planning and Budgeting, Howard de Louville.

"It is in the best interest of our students that we pick up the pieces and build a bright future for them as soon as possible." said de Louville in a statement to the press.

Some pushback against the decision has come from the Seattle United Front (SUF), an organization that aims to preserve Seattle's place as the center for commerce and education in Washington State.

SUF President LaRonne Brown has spoken out against the University of Washington for its decision to leave Seattle behind. "It's cowardice on the part of the administration that they won't fight for their city," said Brown in an interview.

SUF has been in conflict with several large businesses and organizations in the days since the Mega-Thrust Earthquake, including the taxpayer-funded Reach Corporation. Reach plans to relocate to Bellevue within the year.

"The past two weeks have been impossibly difficult for what remains of Seattle," said Eileen Montgomery, spokesperson for the Mayor's Office, "we are still mourning our incredible losses, but we need to look to the future."

In the same statement, Montgomery assured Seattleites that the Mayor's Office would remain active as long as people remained in Seattle.

The University of Washington's administration insists that the move is in the best interest of their students, but their views on the issue go even further. De Louville's statement to the press went on to say, "Seattle will never be what it was. It is not disloyal or cowardly to admit that our once-great city lies in ruins, that we have lost too much here to go on. The decision to abandon our Seattle campuses was not made lightly, but we firmly believe that it was the right choice. Furthermore, we believe it is in the best interest of all of Washington State for the rest of Seattle to Follow suit. Leave this place to those we have lost."

SUF plans to release a response to the Vice Provost Tuesday evening.