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This time around we got a skeleton crew, just Rez, Nikhal and I. Even thon Lamb didn't want to join us. Here's what we did: we freakin' broke into the Mercer Sanctuary. Best part is, we made it back without being shot. Ok, lets go back to the beginning on this one.

Nikhal had the idea first, she wanted to see what the Sanctuary was really like. You live so long outside a gate you gotta know what's behind it. We went over to the 90 span and just stared at the bridge for a little bit. There are two checkpoints on either end, a few guards, and a gate on our side. Rez had this idea though, to go under where the Enatai parking lot is and crawl along the cables that bring power to Mercer. It took us a bit to get across but the thrill of looking down at the fall kept us going. We dropped off at Barnabie point where the old pier was, and had to run to the treeline before patrols noticed us.

First thing I noticed was how short all the buildings are. Everything in Central is 50 stories, easy. The Malltowers are all over a hundred. But here, everything was one or two. We saw a couple taller than that but not many. There were some memories too, of when we lived in Old Bellevue, a house with a driveway and a yard. There was so much green space here that it had me paralyzed. Rez and Nikhal urged me on though, we've all heard stories of the patrols here. We didn't go too far south, but we saw plenty of the houses and streets along 90. We took a rest up at Aubrey Davis Park, ran through greenspace like it was the set of a pre-quake movie.


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The best part of this whole trip, though, was the memorial. Just west of the park, there is this last stretch of 90 that clears the Sanctuary and juts out over the empty lake. Back before the Beacons, a memorial was built on the end of it. The whole edge of it was reinforced and this statue was put up. My parents remember coming here before everything but I was too young. It stopped the three of us in our place. Remember your history books kids, everything used to be so much worse.