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face, hesitant but honest. I remember when she told me she was pregnant, the way she reassured me that we could manage when I thought it was too soon.

And I remember when the Ascensionists tried to set me up with another Sennin, like i was some kind of stud horse. That organization of bigots that refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy of my family tried to convince me to breed with a stranger "to ensure a brighter future."

I grip the handlebars tight and take in another deep breath. I force myself to think of Sera, rather than the hypocrites who claim to be my kin and damn me in the same breath.

Fucking Reed.


"So, Sera, how supportive has the Sennin community at large been in this whole process?" Wendy's sharp, precise voice is beginning to wear on my ears, but at least it's a question I can answer without itching to snatch the microphone out of her hand and smash it on the ground. For some reason knowing that the microphone is purely ornamental, a relic of the past, only deepens the desire.

"The Sennin community is... divided. Rayna Piers and Hana Wakahisa have been my closest supporters, of course." I try to keep my voice conversational. The more calm and at-ease I appear, the less trouble this interview will bring.

"Naturally, naturally. For those viewers not in the know, Rayna Piers and Hana Wakahisa are the only two Sennin to have had children with human spouses. So, Sera, do you have any names in mind for the little one?"

I don't have time to respond before the front door swings open and Kirin steps through.

"Sera, what the hell's going on here?"


Taking in the camera crew, makeup artists, set dressers, and the vulture of a woman perched on the plush chair across from Sera is no small task. They've transformed my living room into something foreign with their throw pillows and lightning rigs, and I can hardly recognize my wife beneath the makeup plastered on her face.

"Kirin, what are you doing here? Why aren't you at work?" Sera heaves herself up off the couch.

"Something happened with Reed, I took the day off." I look from Sera to the strange woman still seated in my chair. She is taking the interruption surprisingly well. 'Answer me."


Page Two.

I look from Sera to the reporter and back, but neither speaks.

Finally, a set dresser pipes up, "We're doing an interview?"

"No you're not. Get out of my home before I take you all to the precinct."

The crewmembers turn their attention to the reporter, who gives a terse nod. They begin to pack up the elaborate setup while the vulture woman watches.

I wait in tense silence while the crew packs up their equipment. When they are finally gone, Sera collapses back onto the couch, shoulders slumped.

I step toward Sera, crouch down in front of her and ask, "What are you doing?"

"I should get used to it, shouldn't I?"

"Used to what? Turning our personal life into a charade for Normals to stream?"

Sera looks down at her hands coiled in her lap. "Whether our baby is a Sennin or not, this is what our life will be. It's what Lumin Barnett and the Piers' and all of the other Sennin Families have been through ever since they had children. What makes us any different?"

"Sera, we are going to be okay. Whether Joan is a Normal or a Sennin, we will protect her and care for her together."

She looks up so her bright blue eyes meet mine. "Joan?"

"Oh. I mean, I know we didn't decide on anything... I guess I've been thinking of her as Joan lately."

"That's an awful name." Sera stares at me for a moment, than a giggle escapes her. A smile breaks out on her face and I can't help but laugh along. She is still laughing when she says, "But that's okay. We'll find the right one. We'll find it soon."